Representing the very best in the field, each of our subcontractors has been carefully & strategically selected. Behind the scenes, we’re constantly working together to choose the finest materials and follow the most successful methodologies to ensure we always deliver at the level we promise.


Inspired by the Design Thinking Methodology, BE Renovation developed its own unique project approach that revolves around the achievement of excellence in all that we do.

Plan Drafting

House or condominium plans are turned into a full set of construction drawings ready for permit submittal.

Construction Management

We’re involved in the planning, coordination and control of your project from beginning to completion.


To ensure successful implementation, we provide information on all project-specific product, service and job requirements.

Home Additions

We help you understand the cost & process involved to build any type of addition in your home.

Framing, Drywall & Plaster

We use a specialty subcontractor for these three fundamental activities in order to ensure the continuity and accountability of each step, and ultimately, the final result.


From wood flooring to specialized stone floors, we offer a wide range of options to suit your project. We hire professional installers and care for the floors by protecting them with high quality materials resistant to impact so that the optimal condition of the floor can be maintained for many years to come.


During construction, we perform the cutting, shaping and installation of all building materials.

Window Treatments

A variety of textures, colors and styles can be incorporated into a Home Automation System.

Custom Millwork

We offer molding, paneling, cabinets, custom wall panels, entertainment units and doors.

Architectural Metals

Railings made of brass, stainless steel, glass, aluminum, or a combination of several types of metals for you to choose from.

Home Audio/Video Automation

Keeping your needs in mind, the audio/visual options are carefully discussed with you to reflect your lifestyle needs. The audio/visual technician & electrician work closely together to deliver the highest-performing requirements of the system.


We provide calculations and structural plans according to the design so that we can apply for city permits, fabricate the structural stair and install any kind of finishing material for beams, columns and steps.

Wall Treatments

Wallpaper, faux paint, Venetian plaster, stone finish installation, mosaic, ceramic, mirrors or glass are just a few of the materials to incorporate into your home’s walls. A personalized look and feel to your space.

Specialty Finishes

We work intimately with professional interior designers & homeowners to bring those extra special touches to life that make a space truly unique and personal such as marble floating stair steps, custom built wine cellars, and custom display millwork units for art or collectible pieces.